Healing Veterans

Homes 4 Families has created the My TIME® (My Trauma Informed Military Enrichment) program which includes a variety of military-specific resiliency-building programming, including:

Trauma-Informed Art

An art program that focuses on process not product, has been proven to increase resiliency and has a veteran-specific component.

Beat the Odds Drumming

Autobiographical Writing

UCLA FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress) Family Resiliency Training

Time Capsules

Speaking engagements for veterans to tell their life stories

Mentorship Program

Literature-based trauma workshop Tear Soup

Equine Therapy

Bonsai Trees

Vision Boards


The social support and close interpersonal relationships that result from living in veteran-specific communities is a vital component to a veteran’s success in an Enriched Neighborhood®, with veterans connecting and developing relationships long before they become neighbors.

Studies show that two types of services are suggested to help veterans reintegrate: support groups for veterans, in which they have the opportunity to share their stories, and transition groups for families and friends of veterans, in which they would have the opportunity to learn about military culture and how to bet support their veteran. This is why our workshops are veteran-to-veteran, and why they have also been developed for military family members.