Innovation & Well Building

Through interviews with veterans in the community, our home visits, and interviews with veterans living in our homes we continually look at the design of our homes to ensure that they meet the needs of the veterans and their families. These elements of the homes cover several different areas that may be affected by physical disabilities, TBI, PTS, insomnia, and other related ailments.

  • All electrical outlets are set at ADA height to accommodate knee and lower back issues
  • Six master bathroom modifications are offered, including tubs versus shower stalls, shower curtains versus shower doors, and the addition of grab bars and/or fold-down shower seats if needed
  • Open floor plans
  • Increased sound proofing
  • No fluorescent lighting (flickering and sound may be a trigger to those with brain injury, processing difficulty, hearing impairments, etc.)

Houses are energy efficient and ADA accessible with Veteran Specific Well building modifications. Each neighborhood also has an urban community garden, tot lot, or a sensory integration playground for the children. Every aspect of wellness is considered, even for the youngest family member.