On Saturday, October 17, 2020, through our Homes 4 FamiliesVeteran Mentorship Group, the Rotary Club of Santa Clarita Valley was able to donate used workable bicycles for the Santa Carlita Veteran community.

We were there to assist them in distributing the bikes for families in serious need. One family in particular had to recently sell their car because of their reduction in work hours due to the pandemic. For the last 7 months, the world has come to a halt and so many parents and children have had to adjust their lifestyles. Kids have been forced to stay home and adjust to distance learning. Witnessing the kids ride around the small obstacle with smiles on their faces was a moment that you forgot that you were in a pandemic crisis. Hearing the parents thanking Rotary Club for the bicycles was a mission accomplished. The Veteran Mentors were also able to use the Harry Bell Memorial fund to assist 5 families with gift cards that had been seriously impacted by the crisis. Thank you again Rotary Club of Santa Clarita and our truly wonderful SCV Veteran Mentors.