The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation has awarded a generous general operating grant to Homes 4 Families to support housing and services for low-income veterans and their families. As any nonprofit knows, general operating support is vital to maintain organizational stability and encourage growth. This support fosters innovation, risk-taking, and a bit of freedom to explore new opportunities.

For Homes 4 Families, along with continuing to build affordable homes for veterans and provide enrichment services, this support means being able to focus on the specific needs of the broad spectrum of veterans we serve. While “veteran” is often the leading way that service members identify themselves, their cross sections with other underserved populations are numerous.

Along with continuing to serve veterans through our Veteran Enriched Neighborhoods®, we will also continue to develop ways to serve our military families who are also low- and very-low income, minorities, immigrants, homeless, single-parent households, and disabled.

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation has been a long-time supporter of Homes 4 Families and the Enriched Neighborhood® model. Wendy Garen, the Foundation’s President & CEO said “the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation believes that the Enriched Neighborhood® model recognizes the reality that stabilizing families often means more than just offering them shelter. Being there to support them in other ways can make all the difference!”

A huge thank you to the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation for continuing to be one of our key partners, and for their service to our nation’s heroes.